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Taknia develops and continually updates detailed files on the capabilities and capacities of a wide range of vendors and contractors throughout the world. Consequently Taknia can rapidly and reliably develop vendor and contractor lists to meet specific project requirements.

Procurement is achieved in one of the following three modes:

  • As agent for the client
  • As a contractor, directly issuing Taknia purchase orders
  • As a support to the clients purchasing and/or project department

Contracts/purchase orders

  • Develop bidders' lists for client approval for equipment and sub-contracts
  • Develop requisition documents
  • Issue inquiry package to approved vendors and constructors
  • Conduct clarification meetings and correspondence with vendors
  • Obtain quotations or proposals for equipment and sub-contracts
  • Evaluate vendors. Taking into account the technical requirements
  • Make recommendations to the client
  • Organise clarification/pre-award meetings with vendors
  • Award orders and sub-contracts

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